Kitchen & dining antiques: culinary and food-related articles

Culinary is a useful word. It pulls together everything connected with food (and drink) preparation, storage, serving and eating. So the “kitchen” articles here at cover a range of antique culinary items from elegant to basic. Antique, vintage, simple, stylish, as the tagline says.

Info on dainty silver marrow spoons sits alongside a post about a home-made wooden butter worker in a farm kitchen. The only rule for this category is that topics have a connection with food as well as something to do with home life in the past. Click ‘previous entries’ at the bottom of the page to find links to more culinary-themed articles.

If there’s a topic you’d like me to research and write about, please do say so in a comment on a relevant article or email with a suggestion. (See “about” page for contact details.) Or you could try looking through this list of sites about kitchen antiques and historic food utensils.

A butter worker in the kitchen?

butter worker

No, not the long-skirted woman. A butter worker is a piece of dairy equipment. But there’s churning and other stuff to do before you use a traditional, non-mechanical butter worker. Scroll down to find a video link if you want to see this right now. The woman in the photograph has an old-fashioned dasher churn […]

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Pie birds: how old are these collectibles?

pie bird funnel

How many pies today are baked with a little ceramic chimney inside that supports the crust and channels away steam so that hot fillings don’t burst out in places where they shouldn’t? Also called a pie funnel, vent, or whistle, they don’t actually have to be birds, though using a little pottery bird with dark […]

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